AT&T wanted to create a loyalty platform to thank and reward their customers. One execution within the larger loyalty platform was Ticket Twosdays, allowing AT&T customers to receive a free movie ticket when they purchased one, just by entering their mobile number. We worked on the digital execution of Ticket Twosdays, creating a platform for AT&T customers to input their mobile number and obtain a promo code to use at

AT&T FRONT OF THE LINE (2016-2017)

AT&T partnered with LiveNation to give customers access to concert tickets before the general public -- another loyalty platform to thank and reward their customers. We worked on the digital execution, creating a platform for AT&T customers to input their account credentials and obtain access to concert tickets in advance through LiveNation.


As part of AT&T's partnership with Taylor Swift, a small intimate concert was held prior to Super Bowl 51 in Houston. All tickets for the show were going to be awarded via an online contest promoted across all AT&T channels and AT&T needed a simple, easy to use system to handle submissions as well as super-high traffic bursts when the concert was promoted. We built a system that allowed the program’s administrators to effectively monitor submissions, assign winners, and notify contestants. Additionally, we created personalized agendas for contest winners based on 3 levels of participation that authenticated based on their submitted information. The contest resulted in over 70,000 submissions and 3,000 winners were chosen.


GIF-U (2011)

I like responding to an email with a GIF, but often a lot of time is spent in trying to track down the perfect one. GIF-U was created, with Carlos Figueiredo, to solve that problem. GIFs were categorized based on how you'd like to reply. Written about in DIGIDAY, and shared on Twitter by many, including Contagious


HITACHI (2019)

hitachi (2018)


HYATT (2013-2014)

Andaz Salon is a boutique brand of Hyatt. Creatively driven, their vision is to connect creative minds in a uncomplicated hotel experience, putting an eclectic mix of people together for collaboration and inspiration. We created Andaz Salon, a way for anyone to experience the Andaz culture, and look deeper into a specific Andaz property. A visitor can learn about the cities the Andaz properties are in, and how each city is different yet connected in how it is culturally driven. The site explores the way each property fosters the creativity of their own city. Content creation on the site through Contributors existed in specific verticals: visual arts, culinary, music, fashion, design, literature, and film. Goals were to grow brand awareness, promote individual Andaz properties, engage existing Andaz audiences, and drive room stays.


ibm (2018)

IBM works with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing to build out an IT infrastructure which is as responsive and nimble as their F1 car on the track. IBM Spectrum Storage and Spectrum Computing software helps Aston Martin Red Bull Racing design more competitive cars, faster and to make lightning-quick decisions during race time -- all with one goal: the winner's circle. We built out the digital experience which lived online as well as on devices and touchscreens in physical set-ups (such as conferences). The car was modeled in 3D and could be manipulated with click/touch and scroll/pinch to see all aspects and angles of the vehicle.

Version 1

Version 2

Augmented Reality


IBM (2019)


ninlaro (2015)

Patient and HCP websites of new multiple myeloma treatment


pepto-bismol (2011)

Piñata Smash

Produced 22 short videos of humorous ways to smash a pinata, all of which were filled with Cinco De Mayo food. Every video ended with a Pepto pinata to remind consumers we're there for them as they celebrated the holiday. All of the videos lived on YouTube, and we built an interface with Possible on the top of the Pepto YouTube channel that allowed users to create their own pinata smash video: pick a pinata, pick a filling, pick a way to smash it -- and then users were taken to the corresponding video they just built.

63.7M impressions
Channel ranked in the top 13 brand channels on YouTube on May 5th, 2011
Named in Mashable's "5 Branded YouTube Channels That Get It Right"

Feast For All

For most of us, Thanksgiving is a major time for overeating, and thus a natural fit for Pepto. But too many Americans go hungry on Thanksgiving. We wanted to help correct that. Enter "Feast For All". We partnered with the charity Feeding America and gave a simple pitch to the American people: Like the turkey on our Facebook tab, and Pepto will donate 8 meals to people in need. We asked Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet to help us spread the word. With just one simple tab, one delicious-looking turkey, and a whole lot of goodwill, Pepto Bismol was able to donate 2 million meals throughout November. The conversation on our Facebook Wall went from 'you help me with diarrhea' to 'god bless you, Pepto'.

16% spike in sales
Doubled Facebook Fans without Like Gating (back when Like Gating was a thing)

download (2).jpeg

subaru (2010)

Legacy + Outback launch websites