SCOPE (2012-2013)

How do you change a brand that was losing market share to Listerine? By doing something Listerine couldn't. Let Listerine talk about how many germs they kill, and Scope will show people how your social life can be elevated with Scope. 

Courage. Some people have a little. Others have a lot. It's what catapults you onto an empty dance floor. It turns strangers into friends and friends into followers. It helps you make the most of yourself and make an ass of yourself. No matter how much courage you have, Scope is Courage, Encouraged. It freshens your breath and brings every ounce of your bravado out of hibernation.

To launch, we asked ourselves a simple question: what would it look like if people Facebook Friend Requested each other in the real world? 


And then we took the Courage, Encouraged conversation online, treating each post as a standalone ad.

+ Written about in ADWEEK

+ 2013 Addy Gold: Digital/Social Media
+ 2013: Addy Silver: Integrated Campaign