Pepto-Bismol had a problem: grow sales of a product that practically every American already has in their medicine cabinet, and knows by the 5 symptoms it treats - 'nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea' (and can sing the song too!). We chose to focus on shared occasions, holidays and cultural milestones. You know, the times when everyone tends to gather 'round, eat and drink a little too much... or a lot too much. By focusing on the celebration rather than the symptom, we started to change people's perception of what Pepto is and why you should always have it handy.


+ Written about in The New York Times




OUTDOOR (2011)






Grill Fairy (2012)

It's one thing for Pepto to talk about celebration, but we knew we needed to do more -- we needed to be part of the celebration. We launched Grill Fairy on Facebook asking our Fans to submit a photo of their old and dilapidated grill for a chance to win one of 5 new stainless steel grills. We impacted 5 homes greatly, but moreover we showed the public that Pepto wasn't about the symptoms any longer, but rather the celebration.



Produced 22 short videos of humorous ways to smash a pinata, all of which were filled with Cinco De Mayo food. Every video ended with a Pepto pinata to remind consumers we're there for them as they celebrated the holiday. All of the videos lived on YouTube, and we built an interface with Possible on the top of the Pepto YouTube channel that allowed users to create their own pinata smash video: pick a pinata, pick a filling, pick a way to smash it -- and then users were taken to the corresponding video they just built.

See it in action

+ 63.7M impressions
+ Channel ranked in the top 13 brand channels on YouTube on May 5th, 2011
+ Named in Mashable's "5 Branded YouTube Channels That Get It Right"



800,000 home delivery newspapers in 14 cities were wrapped in a plastic bag on Thanksgiving morning. The bag was from Pepto, and upon examination showed cut lines to cut a Pepto bib out from the bag. A nice way to remind those about to enjoy their meal that Pepto had them covered - a message delivered to the front door of homes probably about the same time the oven inside was turned to Preheat.


For most of us, Thanksgiving is a major time for overeating, and thus a natural fit for Pepto. But too many Americans go hungry on Thanksgiving. We wanted to help correct that. Enter "Feast For All". We partnered with the charity Feeding America and gave a simple pitch to the American people: Like the turkey on our Facebook tab, and Pepto will donate 8 meals to people in need. We asked Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet to help us spread the word. With just one simple tab, one delicious-looking turkey, and a whole lot of goodwill, Pepto Bismol was able to donate 2 million meals throughout November. The conversation on our Facebook Wall went from 'you help me with diarrhea' to 'god bless you, Pepto'.

+ 16% spike in sales
+ Doubled Facebook Fans without Like Gating (back when Like Gating was a thing)


HOLIDAY (2011)

People overdo it during the holidays -- with the seemingly endless holiday parties and the limitless buffets of food. But how much do we all overdo it exactly? We worked with JESS3 in quantifying the numbers and created a campaign around the holiday party season and how much food we consume. One of the spots featured a shrimp boat with a crew of elves, and we took the shrimp boat captain and created content to share exclusively online.


Pepto To-Go (2012-2013)

Commercial: Aerial Enlightenment