Things I have done, said, written.




Talked with Neil Horowitz on his podcast about Social Media ROI, Crafting a Digital Strategy and How It Fits Into the Organization + some other good stuff (writeup)



Talked with Chris Voss on his podcast about social + the evolution of social + social communities, the work we do at MKTG, influencers + authenticity, content + the lifespan of content, VR, CES + SXSW + “the future”, brands + agencies, social listening



Talked with Matt and Jesse of American Slacker to talk advertising and marketing, awkward jewelry commercial, working across timezones, cutting down on my cheeseburger addiction, how #airportliving is a zoo, the Juicy Lucy, and they asked me about Train, of course…



Talked with Natalie Kim of We Are Next on her podcast about switching from account management to strategy, the evolution of the role of a digital strategist, why self-reflection is crucial to your job search, how to speak up and navigate meeting culture + more.



Talked with photographer Mike Lloyd on his Photogs Unite! podcast about learning to build your brand and evolving with it, depending on the type of clients you want to attract and the style you want to achieve.



Talked with Rob Cressy on the Sports Marketing Huddle about executing campaigns, being prepared and speed + thinking like a consumer



Talked with Rob Cressy on the Sports Marketing Huddle about athlete as brand + marketability



Talked with Adam Pierno on his The Strategy Inside Everything podcast (Twitter, Site) about sports, athletes as celebrity, and social.



Guest on Save It For The Show, where I discuss Catfish, Home Alone, NYC, and more




Quoted in Front Office Sports articles: here, here







Wrote a post for IHAVEANIDEA

Further commentary on it: here


Wrote a post for The3Six5



Some Tweets that have done pretty well:


Graciously played a very small role and was included in Heather LeFevre's book: "Brain Surfing: The Top Marketing Strategy Minds in the World"



I tweeted Adam Schefter of ESPN about seeing Jason Pierre-Paul of the NY Giants on an airplane. Adam and I then had a brief DM conversation.
It has been the closest I've come to reporting for ESPN.



I was spoofed (honored?) by buddy Jamey Erickson, with a blog dedicated to people imitating an old profile photo of mine.



After I heard the story of Patrick the Pitbull, I knew I wanted to help. I started and promoted a petition that accumulated over 9,500 signatures, which I printed and mailed to the District Attorney. My small part in helping to ensure Patrick's voice was heard. The petition was shared by many, including Nathan FillionJames GunnJulie BenzAlyssa MilanoEva Longoria, and Eliza Dushku.



I experienced the power of Twitter, when a tweet I sent about the NFL Playoffs made the front of Twitter; right above a tweet from Darrelle Revis, and one from the White House